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oil tanker safety course

tanker safety training

oil tanker training

oil tanker training course

mca approved oil tanker safety course

mca approved tanker safety training

mca approved oil tanker training

mca approved TMSA training

mca approved oil tanker familiarisation course

mca approved oil tanker training course

Training in Advanced oil Tanker Cargo Operations

mca approved Training in Advanced oil Tanker Cargo Operations

mca approved Specialised oil Tanker Courses

MCA approved tasco



Course Duration: 4.5 days (0900 - 1700)


Availibility: Seats available


Course Fee: £ 775 /-


Course Dates - See Below or Click here


Entry Requirements


To be eligible for this course you should have


1. At least three months' sea-going service on OIL tankers, in order to gain operational experience and knowledge of safe operational practices in loading, carrying and discharging, bulk oil; or


2. At least one month sea-going service on tankers of less than 3,000 GT engaged on voyages not exceeding 72 hours in order to gain sufficient operational experience and knowledge of loading and discharging procedures; or


3. Completed an approved STCW 95 or 2010 tanker familiarisation course.


In addition to this a candidate with sea time alone has to demonstrate that they meet the applicable competency table requirements.  Verification of this will be assessed at the start of the course and the candidates must attain a mark of at least 50% in order to continue on to the advanced tanker course. 


Course Description


This course is intended for masters, officers and ratings serving on tankers who are required to undertake additional training and familiarisation in accordance with: The Merchant Shipping (Training and Certification) Regulations 1997/ Marine Guidance Note (MGN)95 / STCW 95 : Regulation V/1 para 2.2 and STCW Code Section A - V/1 para 8-14.

At the end of the course the student should have the relevant technical knowledge to assume the responsibilities of Master, Chief Officer, Chief Engineer, Second Engineer or of any other person having direct responsibility for cargo operations.


Course Contents:


The course will include those outcomes as stated in the familiarisation training but will be addressed in greater detail in accordance with the requirements of the students.


The oil tanker, Petroleum properties and hazards, Oil cargo containment and handling, Oil tanker operations, Marine pollution


In addition to those outcomes as outlined in the familiarisation training, the course will include the following principles:


  • International and National Regulations and Codes of Practice

  • Characteristics of cargoes

  • Definitions; chemical and physical properties of oil cargoes

  • Associated hazards

  • Flammability, explosiveness and toxicity; medical aspect

  • Oil Tanker Design and Equipment

  • Oil Tanker Operations

  • Pollution Control

  • Emergency Procedures


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oil tanker course

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Advanced training for oil tanker cargo operations - MCA approved

Advanced training for oil tanker cargo operations - MCA approved
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